Recess at Kidd Yellin

Recess at Kidd Yellin
133 Imlay Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
646 863 3765


Recess’s mission is to support the creative process of the contemporary artist by providing a space for productive activity and a platform for a partnership with the public. By offering artists flexible work/exhibition space, artists are given agency to determine the visibility of their work and the parameters of its presentation.

Free of charge and open to the public, Recess facilitates every-day interactions between artists and the community in order to promote the productive space of the working artist as a site of valuable visual and intellectual interactions. Our endeavors offer critical exposure for the artists we support while fostering a non-alienating environment in which artists and the public can engage in a meaningful exchange of art and ideas.

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Tamar Ettun
One Thing Leads to Another
  • Sat. Nov 12, 3:00 pm
A pilgrimage within a partially-inflated, stationary hot air balloon. Free