Leo Koenig, Inc.

Leo Koenig, Inc.
545 W 23 Street
New York, NY 10011
212 334 9255


Leo Koenig Inc. has been presenting a surprising mix of fresh exhibitions, anchored by a well-learned tradition of publication. Ever vigilant that the artist's work be seen in an appropriate context, the gallery has been dedicated to producing catalogues with penetrating essays, and limited-edition artist books.

With a focus on painting and sculpture, Leo Koenig Inc.'s current roster includes some of the most internationally renowned emerging and mid-career contemporary artists.

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MPA and Amapola Prada Revolution
Two Marks in Rotation
  • Tue. Nov 8, 6:30 pm
Cinderblocks, plate glass, and the artists’ bodies are used to seek the edges of permissibility. Free