Nathaniel Mellors, Giantbum, 2009. Courtesy the artist.

Nathaniel Mellors, Giantbum, 2009. Courtesy the artist.

Performa Radio

For Performa 11, Performa Radio explores the literary legacy of the first mass medium, the radio broadcast. Just as early radio and sound recording influenced the modernist literature of Edgar Allan Poe, Stéphane Mallarmé, Paul Valéry, Jules Verne, and Antonin Artaud, what effects will digital radio have for the forms of literature and the development of the narrative play? Leading figures in the fields of literature, art, and music will be commissioned to write short plays, to be performed live at WNYC’s Greene Space and streamed on the Performa website. Presented in succession and moving from narrative to narrative, each work will embody the spirit and mood of what the Futurist poet F.T. Marinetti famously termed the ‘Wireless Imagination.’ Participants and new commissions include Jace Clayton, Nathaniel Mellors, Masha Tupitsyn, Hari Kunzru, Marianne Vitale and Tom McCarthy. Curated by Mark Beasley and Dan Fox.

Times For Nothing, Masha Tupitsyn
Performed by Claire Lebowitz
“I'm not in the world. I am the world. The world comes to me…”


Giantbum, Nathaniel Mellors
Performed by the Brooklyn Youth Company
A group of medieval travelers are trapped in a giant’s lower intestines.


99, Hari Kunzru
Performed by Meg Clixby, Dan Fox and Hari Kunzru
Channeling Craigslist missed connections and the corporate spirits.


Saving the Buffalo, Marianne Vitale
Hot and plagued, how one buffalo forgot why he was running and learned me how to twist my body to form a wallow in damp soil.


The Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner, Jace Clayton
Featuring Emily Manzo, Amy Zhang and Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts. 
A tribute to the life of NYC composer Julius Eastman.