Abbas Akhavan, Fatima Al Qadiri and Khalid al Gharaballi, and Youmna Chlala

Abbas Akhavan, Fatima Al Qadiri and Khalid al Gharaballi, and Youmna Chlala The Anti-Artist Talk Series

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The Anti-Artist Talk Series: with Abbas Akhavan, Fatima Al Qadiri & Khalid al Gharaballi, and Youmna Chlala
Presented by ArteEast

Fatima Al Qadiri and Khalid Al Gharaballi
Going Over
1:00 pm

Going Over is an illustrated meditation on the global marketing of masculinity through hair, hair products and signature hairstyles, focusing on the microcosm of Kuwait and the 'exiting of trends' by Kuwati youth, in contrast with the hair conservatism of an older generation.In this presentation, Al Qadiri and Al Gharaballi explore historic comparisons, hair regulation reports from Iran and a case study conducted in Kuwait; the discussion will expose the delicate relationship between hair and culture and, more specifically, between barber and client. Commissioned by DIS magazine and Bidoun Projects.

Abbas Akhavan
Phantom Head
2:00 pm

Attempts at representing the "mad" have ranged from historical models of physiognomy to abstraction and back again to the physical. But despite what the cause may be, from humors to black biles and other stones, race and sexuality have more often than not played a significant role in the creation of the mad, other, fool, artist, fallen, melancholic, idiot, dummy, dumb-ass, possessed, wild man, beast, and so on – Phantom Head is a video performance that uses madness as an artistic strategy to talk about the collapsed space between the rectum and the head, the enemy with the parent, the mad and the genius... and so on.

Youmna Chlala
X cannot exist without Y
3:00 pm

In X cannot exist without Y, the tensions between body/space, performer/audience and private/public are dispersed in order to uncover the role of space in knowledge production. During this time of political and geographic shifts, body, language, memory and object are instrumental in the production knowledge. When we "make history", we carve out space. The audience and the artist will participate in a series of disruptive acts and sets of instructions. The product of these interactions will then be projected as way to propel us into the future. 

Curated by Barrak Alzaid, Artistic Director ArteEast.

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Presented by ArteEast