Raphael Zarka

Raphael Zarka Free Ride

Performa Institute at the Performa Hub MAP

Paris-based artist Raphaël Zarka is a collector of sculptural forms. The series Riding Modern Art, 2007 combined found forms of public sculpture with ‘found images’ from the sub-culture vernacular of the urban skateboarder.

For Performa 11, Zarka is presenting a two-part project materializing recent research into the “geometry of skateboarding” and its relation to modern sculpture. He will deliver a lecture at the Performa Institute on this research (which will also be translated into English for the first time) as well as attempt to produce the world’s first cycloid skateboard ramp, based on the geometric apparatuses of Galileo - location to be announced.



Supported by Etant Donnés Contemporary Art and Cultural Services of the French Embassy/Maison Francaise and Institut Francais.