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Nathaniel Mellors Ourhouse


Employing the aesthetic and format of British television comedy-dramas, Nathaniel Mellors's surreal six-part video series Ourhouse combines sculpture, language, and power dynamics in an upper-class home. A character named “The Object” invades the house of a wealthy British family in the manner of Terence Stamp's character in Pier Pasolini's Teorema (1968), and begins to control the dynamic of language in the home. The idea of sculpture is fundamental to the piece, Z The Object ingests political texts from the house library and has “cultural-indigestion,” leading to the birth of new sculpture.

Junior Aspirin Records present: Happy Hour, God in Hackney, and Junior Aspirin, History of the World DJs.

Curated by Mark Beasley.

8 pm Robert Abel & Associates - 'Bubbles' (1974) 01:00; Nathaniel Mellors - Ourhouse -  Episode 1, 'Games' (2010) 34:04

8:40 pm Fang Tumb Limb - a pre-recorded message 5:00 (Mark Beasley & Dan Fox); God in Hackney (LIVE) 25:00 (Andy Cooke, Nathaniel Mellors, Dan Fox)

9:10 pm Robert Abel & Associates - 'Uncola' (1975) 01:00; Nathaniel Mellors - Ourhouse - Episode 2, 'Class' (2010 - 11) 37:25; Socrates that practiçes music (LIVE) 30:00 (Andy Cooke

10:20 pm Robert Abel & Associates - 'Sun Beats Down' (1974) 01:00; Nathaniel Mellors - Ourhouse - Episode 3, 'The Cure of Folly' (2011) 36:41

11 pm Junior Aspirin Records' History of the Known World DJs (Dan Fox, Andy Cooke, Nathaniel Mellors)


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