Liz Glynn

Liz Glynn Artist Class: The Best of Intentions: Futility, Failure, and Performance

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In 1948, Buckminster Fuller gathered a group of his students at Black Mountain College to erect an architecturally scaled geodesic dome structure based on his models using Venetian blind slatting. The experiment failed, and the dome was christened both “the supine dome” and the “flopohedron.” However, through this failure, one of Fuller’s students, Kenneth Sneleson, was able to develop the principle of Tensegrity, which allowed Fuller to create functional geodesic structures at a large scale.

In this Artist Class, Glynn will explore the relationship between human scale and iconic monumental form, the messiness of collective negotiation, and the tensions and desires around structural perfection and monumentality.



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Liz Glynn
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  • Sun. Nov 6, 11:00 am
A silent dance recreation of an experiment attempted by Buckminster Fuller during his time on the faculty at Black Mountain College. Free