Laurel Nakadate and James Franco

Laurel Nakadate and James Franco Three Performances in Search of Tennessee

Abrons Art Center MAP

For their Performa Commission, Laurel Nakadate and James Franco will create a three-part project based around Tennessee Williams’ famous play The Glass Menagerie (1944). In part one, Nakadate and Franco will lead a séance with an invited group of special guests to communicate with Tennessee Williams through a Ouija board and receive instructions from the author’s spirit. The group will pass his message on to the audience members, who will follow the spirit’s instructions. In part two, female actresses will audition in front of the audience for the part of Laura in The Glass Menagerie. In the tradition of karaoke, Laura's lines will run along the bottom of a life-size video-projection of Franco playing the “Gentleman Caller”. In part three, male actors will audition for the role of Tom, all delivering the same monologue from the play. Throughout both auditions, Nakadate and Franco will intervene mid-scene as “directors” as the actors’ attempt to inhabit the roles. Co-commissioned by Paddle8.

Web Broadcast of the performance will be available on Paddle8.


Supported by Paddle8.