Proposed curriculum on contemporary art and performance:

Proposed curriculum on contemporary art and performance: Dennis Oppenheim and the art of survival, Day 17

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This program consists of three conversational seminars around the life and work of Dennis Oppenheim. Each will bring distinct vantage points to the discussion of Oppenheim’s work and practice, and in particular his lifelong interrogation of the idea of performance and body projects.  Derived less from an art historical perspective than that of artistic writing or poet’s talk, these intimate and informal dialogues will feature artists, scholars, friends and colleagues discussing particular works and if and how they can be utilized in a catalytic mode.

Provisional seminar 517: Dennis Oppenheim, Lecture #1, 1976
The soundtrack from this installation, a lecture, will be performed by an artist surrogate in a room setting. A discussion will follow.  Suggested areas for conversation are art world conditions, inspiration, and survival.

Provisional seminar 294: Dennis Oppenheim, Theme for a Major Hit, 1974
The soundtrack, the artist’s collaborative recording, will be presented. A discussion will follow. Suggested areas for conversation are autobiography, collaboration, and surrogate performance.

Provisional seminar 301: Dennis Oppenheim, Radicality, 1974
A photo-documentation will be presented for consideration.  A discussion will follow.  Suggested areas for conversation are the semiotics of radicality, temporal art, and alternative sites.

Interim Principle: Amy Plumb
Substitute teacher: Aaron Levy
Guest Instructors: Les Levine, Bill Beckley, Roger Welch, Steve Poser
Commentator: Tom McEvilley




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Join us for a special screening of “Compression Fern” (1970) from Tooth and Nail: Film and Video 1970-1974 by Dennis Oppenheim. The viewing of “Compression Fern” (1970) will be paired with attempts to compress organic material provided on the night. Free with reservation
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Presented by the Dennis Oppenheim Estate and Slought Foundation, Philadelphia