Professor Daniel Gerould

Photograph of a mass spectacle, co-directed by Piotrovsky, TOWARDS A WORLD COMMUNE, enacted on the steps of the Stock Exchange in Petrograd in 1920.

Professor Daniel Gerould on Adrian Piotrovsky, Soviet Mass Spectacles, and Festive Performance with live recitation

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Lecture and Discussion with Prof. Daniel Gerould, Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, The Graduate Center, CUNY on Adrian Piotrovsky, Soviet Mass Spectacles, and Festive Performance (“eoratology”)

Adrian Piotrovsky (1898-1938) was one of the most dynamic and versatile creative forces and activists in the Soviet arts in the 1920s and 30s until he was brutally liquidated by Stalin at the age of forty. Piotrovsky was committed to creating a new Soviet theatre and saw the mass spectacle as offering the best means of reaching a large audience. The Soviet mass spectacles often related the Bolshevik Revolution to the earlier history of world revolution, and the most important precursor to 1917 was recognized as being the Paris Commune of 1871, a true working class revolution, unlike the French Revolution of 1789, which was directed by bourgeois lawyers and favored the middle class.

Prof. Gerould will present material on Piotrovsky and stage a live recitation of a historical text with a group of actors.

Daniel Gerould is Lucille Lortel Distinguished Professor of Theatre and Comparative Literature in the Ph.D. Program in Theatre at the City University of New York Graduate Center. Author of Guillotine: Its Legend and Lore, editor and translator of The Witkiewicz Reader and of Doubles, Demons, and Dreamers: An International Collection of Symbolist Drama (Performing Arts Journal Publications, 1983). Editor of American Melodrama and of the 12-volume Routledge Harwood Polish and East European Theatre Archive. Editor and translator of Witkiewicz's Country House, Mr. Price, and Metaphysics of a Two-Headed Calf, Olesha's Conspiracy of Feelings and Gałczyński's The Little Theatre of the Green Goose. Editor of Theatre/Theory/Theatre. Editor and translator with Marvin Carlson of Pixérécourt: Four Melodramas. Editor with Marcy Arlin and Gwynn Macdonald, of Czech Plays: Seven New Works. Editor of Playwrights Before the Fall. Author of Quick Change: 28 Theatre Essays & 4 Plays in Translation. Editor and translator with David Willinger of A Maeterlinck Reader.


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