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Ben Kinmont An Exhibition in Your Mouth

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Price: Tickets cost $65.00 (which covers food and gratuity but not wine). Space is limited. Reservations: please contact Isa at: +1 347 689 3594. Last reservation at 10 pm.

Kunstverein NY and Performa 11 are pleased to announce An Exhibition in your mouth, a project by Ben Kinmont in collaboration with chef Ignacio Mattos of Isa to present ten artist-written recipes from 1931 to 2009. 

The dinner is organized around a six course menu. Recipes offered range from a tactile and perfumed Futurist dish to cheeses based on Sol Lewitt’s “Forms derived from a cube” (Nicolas Boulard's Specific Cheeses, 2009). Other recipes include a cucumber salad by Louise Bourgeois (1977), a steak tartare by Marcel Duchamp (1961), Basque Bass from Gordon Matta-Clark’s restaurant Food (1971), Clouds by Geoff Hendricks (1969), Toffee Pinecones by Salvatore Dali (1973), Fig Pervert by Philip Corner (1965), and two recipes from the first monograph on ice cream -- Emy’s L’Art de bien faire les glaces d’office, Paris: 1768.

Included in the cost of the ticket is a special project menu designed by Kinmont and printed by the Antinomian Press. For any questions please write to

An Exhibition in your mouth is organized by Kunstverein NY for Performa 11, in conjunction with the exhibition Prospectus: New York taking place at the Fales Library, New York. Special thanks to the restaurant Isa and Ignacio Mattos and Taavo Somer for their involvement in the project. 

About An Exhibition in your mouth
An Exhibition in your mouth was originally organized by Kinmont for the FRAC in Montpellier in 2002 and then again more recently for the Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam as part of Kinmont’s Prospectus: Amsterdam exhibition which took place at Kunstverein Amsterdam this past Spring. In 2009 Kinmont organized another recipe project entitled On becoming something else with the Centre Pompidou and several restaurants in and around Paris including Le Chateaubriand (chef Inaki Aizpitarte), L’Arpège (chef Alain Passard), Le Baratin (chef Raquel Caréna), and Le Comptoir du Relais (chef Yves Camdeborde). 

About Ben Kinmont
Ben Kinmont (Born 1963 Burlington, Vermont, USA) is interested in interpersonal communication as a means of addressing the problems of contemporary society. His sculptures and actions attempt to establish a direct, personal relationship between the artist and the viewer, using the work as a mediator. If art is supposed to be an agency of intellectual and emotional challenge, then the artist concludes that the audience should also be addressed beyond the institutional frame of the gallery and the museum, and that contact should be more direct. Kinmont also runs a bookselling business specializing in 15th – early 19th century books about food and wine.

From Kinmont’s menu:
“From musical compositions to recipes to instruction pieces, people have been sharing their making, meaning, and authorship with others. When a pianist follows a score, a chef cooks a dish, or a person follows an instruction piece, variations and interpretations are made and shared. In this way a sound, a taste, or an idea is passed on, appreciated and yet also changed by this new maker, perhaps with new instruments and ingredients and within a new context. Whether the others involved are an audience, those around the table, or visitors to a museum, this experience takes on a broader meaning due to its place in a progression, an atemporal community of makers connected through their consideration of a given idea. But by acknowledging these other composers, chefs, and artists who have worked with the idea before, we can see authorship as residing in a multitude of makers and participants and, perhaps, from this loosening of the idea of the single author, we can better get to the content of the work at hand. Perhaps this will make it is easier to say, sit back and enjoy the show, enjoy the meal, enjoy the idea we are passing on. “ Ben Kinmont



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Organized by Kunstverein NY for Performa 11, in conjunction with the exhibition Prospectus: New York taking place at the Fales Library.