Alison Knowles in collaboration with Jessica Higgins and Joshua Selman

Alison Knowles performing with her Bean and Barley (1985) bean turner in 2009. Photograph by Sally Alatalo, 2009. Courtesy of the artist and Sarah Ranchouse Publishing.

Alison Knowles in collaboration with Jessica Higgins and Joshua Selman Beans All Day

Forever & Today, Inc. storefront space MAP

Forever & Today, Inc. presents Beans All Day by New York-based artist Alison Knowles, in collaboration with artists Jessica Higgins and Joshua Selman. Knowles is a founding member of Fluxus.

In Beans All Day, Knowles cooks and serves “beans all day” to audiences and passersby to Forever & Today, Inc.ʼs storefront space. The space will feature an installation of her sculptural “bean turners” – abstract sound sculptures created from handmade flax pulp paper that encase dried adzuki beans, and a bookshelf of her collected artist books. A series of performances, event scores, and poetry readings take place periodically, revisiting and building upon some of Knowles seminal works.

Knowles performs in collaboration with Jessica Higgins and Joshua Selman, both of Artist Organized Art (A.O.A). The performances include use of the bean turners, the resulting amplified abstract sounds as manipulated by Selman, and the use of other flax paper works that “dress” Higgins. In the spirit of Fluxus, Knowles considers the performances to be “new” each time, allowing for randomness and chance to occur.