Doug Skinner

Doug Skinner has provided music for many productions by the clown/actor Bill Irwin, including The Regard of Flight (1982), The Courtroom (1985), The Clown Lecture (2002), The Harlequin Studies (2003), and The Regard Evening (2004).

His own shows have included Pay Attention (1984), An Attractive Production (1985), and Eddie Unchained (1993). He frequently gigged in the '90s with the trio White Knuckle Sandwich; nowadays, he often performs his songs with violist David Gold.

He has contributed comics and articles to Nickelodeon, Fate, The Fortean Times, Strange Attractor Journal, Weirdo, and other periodicals.  His translation of G. B. Nazari's Three Dreams was published by the Opus Magnum Hermetic Sourceworks in Glasgow. He invites you to visit his online archive at


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