Abbas Akhavan

Abbas Akhavan was born in Tehran, and currently lives and works in Toronto. His practice ranges from site-specific ephemeral installations to drawing, video and performance.  For the past five years, the domestic sphere has been an ongoing area of research in Akhavan’s work. Earlier works explore the relationship between the house and the nation state and how the trauma of systemic violence enacted upon civilians can be inherited and re-enacted within the family lineage – the home as a forked space between hospitality and hostility. More recent work has shifted focus onto spaces just outside the home – the garden, the backyard, and other domesticated landscapes.
Akhavan’s work has been exhibited in spaces including Vancouver Art Gallery, Mercer Union and Artspeak (Canada); ABC Art Berlin Contemporary, KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Germany); Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, (Denmark); and Le Printemps de septembre a Toulouse (France). 
Recent residencies include Fundatcion Marcelino Botin with Mona Hatoum (Spain); Axeno7, Video In, TSV (Canada); and The Delfina Foundation (Dubai and UK).
Currently Akhavan is preparing for a group show at Belvedere Museum (Austria), with upcoming solo exhibitions at The Darling Foundry (Canada) and The Delfina Foundation (UK).

Akhavan is represented by The Third Line.

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